Sunset and Eco-Cruise



Any tour around the bay has an excellent chance of coming across our resident pod of friendly dolphins, and the birds on Isle Ventana are also very cooperative. However, whales are commonly sighted offshore and playful sea lions abound at Isle San Pedro (about 16 nautical miles from San Carlos). Whale watching is commonly a "free extra" that comes with our sportfishing, but if you would like an eco-cruise targeted only for whale watching, dolphins, or sea lions (along with other interesting creatures we find on the Sea of Cortez) we'll be happy to arrange that when our charter boats are not booked for sportfishing. Winter rates ($65/hour) are applicable, and with a two hour minimum trip.

Sunset Cruise:

This is a two hour cruise through the major bay of San Carlos and combines many of the benefits of an eco-cruise with the picturesque evening and sunset view. We can accomodate up to 8 people on the Margarita V, and for larger groups we will be happy to arrange a booking with one of our partners who operates a  larger "margarita cruise" ship. Price is $130 for a two hour cruise.

Snorkeling Trips:

There are several coves not far from the Marina which afford excellent snorkeling for interesting small reef fish,  or just a relaxing time sitting on board in gentle water inside the coves. Please inquire, and we will be happy to add this to an eco-cruise.

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